SMS & Email Messaging Tool

Connect to your customers through SMS or email. 

Send notifications, confirmations, payment reminders, and marketing messages. Choose between email and SMS channels - or use them both.



Monthly billing
Send bills and attachments to your customer emails.

Billing overdue reminders
Some customers may miss their bill. Or they forget. Or their card expired. Remind them automatically!

Expired permits
Inform your customers, if their permit expires. Call them back after the holiday season.

Unpaid violations
Is there a violation not paid on time? Let's run a test, how much SMS reminders will improve your collection rate!

Tow away notices
Somebody is blocking the traffic? Or parking on the wrong spot? Notify them through SMS.

Notify your customers in case of lot closures, maintenance, cleaning, etc.

Campaigns and marketing messages
Do marketing campaigns. Try seasonal sales and invite back the unsubscribed customers.


SMS & Email Messaging Tool is often used together Digital Parking Permits, Bookkeeping Tools and Monitoring and Alarms. Get your message delivered!



Are you already operating parking? Or just launching the first lot? 

There is a software like the Swiss knife for a super-efficient parking operator.

So why should you invent the wheel again? Let's discuss, how can we help! 


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* SMS & Email Messaging Tool is just one part of the Digital Parking Operator Software. To see the full power, click here.

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