Bookkeeping Tools for Parking

Every business has its own rhythm and logic. 


Here is how we have integrated parking and bookkeeping, to bring out the best of both worlds: 


1. Invoice all your Digital Parking Permits with one click, including sales made in Parking Kiosks and Web Agents. Customers will get emails with PDF invoices. 


2. If bills are overdue, send automatic reminders. Select between emails or SMS messages.


3. If payments are, despite the reminders, still overdue, you can issue warnings and fines with the Parking Enforcement App.


4. You can import all your invoice and enforcement bank payments automatically. Supported formats are CSV file import or bank API.


5. If you use external book-keeping or business intelligence software, you can import / export invoices, parking enforcement, and payments automatically.



Are you already operating parking? Or just launching the first lot? 

There is a software like the Swiss knife for a super-efficient parking operator.

So why should you invent the wheel again? Let's discuss, how can we help! 


Kristjan Konks (CEO) or +372 5072 514






* Bookkeeping Tools for Parking is just one part of the Digital Parking Operator Software. To see the full power, click here.

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