Enforcement Management

Enforcement Management handles all the processes related to parking violations and enforcement. Enforcement Management works hand - in hand with the Enforcement App, Webpage and Customer Self-service, Payment Options, and SMS & Email Messaging Tool.


Here is, what Enforcement Management can do:

Set up web self-service. Car owners will have web access to the fines made. They see pictures and explanations. It can be shared by email. If customers get answers, you will get fewer calls.

Allow instant payments. Make it easy to pay. Use bank links and card payments. Your collection rate will improve.

Manage claims. Typical claims can get standard email answers in a few clicks. You can not forget and all the claims will get answered. You measure enforcement quality and if needed, can react quickly.

See the bigger picture. You can see if this vehicle has earlier fines and if they are paid or not. And if this customer is having the first violation or has contacted earlier. You will make well-informed decisions.*
* Additional jurisdiction may apply.

Manage vehicle owners. Link the claim to the owner's name, email, phone, and organization. See results from the web and use the APIs to connect external databases, like the national car registry.* This improves the collection rate.
* Additional jurisdiction may apply.

Send notifications about unpaid fines. Generate and send automatic unpaid fine reminders. Add pictures and explanations. We are saying it again - this improves the collection rate.



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* Enforcement Management is just one part of the Digital Parking Operator Software. To see the full power, click here.

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