Parking Core Module


The Parking Core Module is the backbone of the business. It contains users and parking areas.


Parking Core Module user data:
- Email as user unique identifier;
- Name;
- Phone;
- Roles and access rights;
- Issued parking permits;
- Access to activity data.

This allows you to manage employees and their rights and to give customers access to the web self-service.


Parking Core Module parking zone data:
- Name and code;
- Location, either by GPS location coordinate or a polygon;
- Zone type, like open / on street or gated / parking house;
- Availability to the public, like open to everybody or available with permits;
- Permit rules;
- Price rules;
- Height restrictions;
- Amenities you have, for example, electric charging, heated garage, car wash service, etc;
- Pictures.

Based on that data you can issue permits, do web sales, allow ANPR gate access, and collect payments through parking apps.



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* Parking Core Module is just one part of the Digital Parking Operator Software. To see the full power, click here.

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