Parking Kiosk


The Parking Kiosk allows visitors and office receptionists to register the parking.


It is usually used in shops, service centers, and offices, where registering allows parking for free or for a discount.


The permit can be time-limited, for example, 2 hours; can be until the end of the day or whichever time you choose.

It can also be used to register discounts when paid later in payment machines or by the app.


All registrations are visible in the Parking Enforcement App, including the parking start and end times.

You can see and download usage reports, for example for billing, at the back-office.


Parking kiosk can be used on the tablet (like Apple iPad or Android Tablet) or on the computer browser.



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* Parking Kiosk is just one part of the Parking Operator Software. To see all options, click here.


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