Parking Enforcement App

Parking enforcement

Parking at a prime location is a scarce resource. Without regulation, parking becomes a mess. Without enforcement, the regulation does not work. You can and should encourage compliance.


Parking Enforcement App allows controlling allowed vehicles, parking time, and payments.


You can issue warnings and fines. 


Enforcement App works hand - in hand with the Enforcement Management and handles the related processes.



Here is how the Parking Enforcement App works: 

 Validate the inspector's location and lot signage.
Log in to the zone,
Validate the inspector and his rights,
Validate the location,
Select between different parking zones,
Validate that signs are ok (with the pictures).


 Check the car rights.
Control by the plate,
See the current status,
See previous unpaid fines,
Use phone camera for automatic license plate recognition.


 Easy to understand messaging
Red - Not valid - No right to park.
Yellow - Investigate - Known car but something is not right. Maybe the permit just ended, payment is overdue or payment is in another zone.
Green - Valid - You see a reason, what allowed parking, like permit type, payment application, etc. 


 Issue fines, if needed
Select between different types like fine or warning,
Print instantly on site,
Weatherproof print - no need for a plastic bag,
Show the pictures on the printout.


The total time from control to fine issuing is 30 seconds. All issued fines are instantly exported to Enforcement Management and visible in the Web Self-service.


The parking enforcement app runs on a regular Android phone. Printing is done with any durable outdoor printer, like Custom, Zebra, or similar. 


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