Webpage and Customer Self-service

Are you planning to renew your web? 

We get it. It is not easy to select a development partner, handle the design, integrations, and updates. All service providers have their own strengths and weaknesses. The price can vary a lot. Which platform to choose from? Where to start?

There are many who can take care of the regular development but the actual power comes from integrating your web with parking-related content. 


Here are the main things which should be integrated into the web:

 All parking areas: name, code, location, pricing, navigation, pictures, etc. 
We integrate web with Parking Core Module

 Customers should be able to purchase permits, including making payments. 
We integrate the Payment Options.

 Customers should be able to manage their parking themselves. Let them change the number of permits, vehicles, etc. 

 Customers see their violations, explanations, and pictures. They can make appeals. It must be easy to pay. 
We integrate the Enforcement Management.


Even if it takes a little bit more effort to set it up (compared to any regular homepage), your increased sales and efficiency are clearly worth it.



Do you already operate parking? Or plan the first lot?

Why invent the wheel? Let's discuss, how can we help!



Kristjan Konks (CEO) 

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* Webpage and Customer Self-service is just one part of the Parking Operator Software. To see all options, click here.


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