Payment Options

Making a parking payment must be easy. The customer should be able to select a payment method he prefers. 


 Bank cards
Debit and credit, MasterCard and Visa.

 Bank links
Direct payments from the customer bank.

 Mobile apps
You choose and work with the provider(s) you prefer. Besides Autlo app we have done integrations to others. 

 Monthly billing 
Your regular customers get monthly invoices automatically. Using the Bookkeeping Module, Invoices are sent through emails with a pdf invoice attached. There are email and SMS reminders if payments are overdue. If overdue reminders are not enough, there is integration to Enforcement App, so you can issue warnings and eventually, fines. 

 Physical payment machines 
We have integrated with API to many partners, where you collect payments with parking hardware.


For your customer happiness and economical success, it is important to collect maximum revenues at reasonable costs. 

Bonus feature: ask for a case-study, where we have collected the best practices, how others have increased their revenue.



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* Payment Options is just one part of the Parking Operator Software. To see all options, click here.


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