Event Parking


Event Parking is a set of tools, how to organize parking in big events with many visitors. 

It is ideal for music concerts, sports events, fairs, and other gatherings.


Here is, how you can benefit:
 Manage your events, dates, employees, notes, etc;
 Assign different parking permits. For example employee permit, VIP permit, regular permit, etc;
 Assign different rates, like hourly, daily, or whole event ticket;
 Do web sales upfront and view the permits sold;
 Get a real-time ticket validation;
 Do field sales and allow payments with the app;
 See Business Intelligence for complete reporting and notifications;
 Optional Enforcement App to manage violations.

Event Parking software can work independently or integrate via API to your existing event management system.


The parking at your next event should be painless. And could bring in some extra revenue!



Do you already operate parking? Or plan the first lot?

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* Event Parking is just one part of the Parking Operator Software. To see all options, click here.


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