Digital Parking Permits


The Digital Parking Permits is the place where you assign permits and secure monthly payments from your regular customers.

Here are some of the use-cases:
 Sell monthly subscriptions
 Allow employee and visitor parking
 Allow resident parking on campus
 Welcome visitors in shops, wellness, hotels, etc


This is how Digital Parking Permits show up in Parking Enforcement App:



What you as an operator get, when using the Digital Parking Permits module?

 Several permit options, like 24/7, workdays, nights and weekends, etc. 
 Flexible pricing, different discount options, and free permits.
 Waiting list management, if needed.
 Permit issuance based on a license plate or customer email. A license plate is the easiest to handle; customer email allows the customer to handle his vehicles in a self-service without your input.
 One customer can have several permits and even more vehicles. On the enforcement, only the number of active permits is allowed.
 Permits can be granted under an individual client, under one company, or under a subdivision of a larger enterprise.
 Possibility to issue permits on-site with a self - registering.
 All permits are instantly accessible with the enforcement app. After issuance, they are instantly visible; after expiring or removing, they are instantly enforceable.
 If the permit expires, the customer will get a notification by email or SMS.
 With Book - Keeping Module, automatic invoice issuance.
 If a customer payment is overdue, you can instantly issue remainders or fines.
 Possibility to allow automatic gate access based on the license plate.
 Powerful reports and API integrations.



What are Digital Parking Permits benefits for your customers?

 Online web sales.
 Easy self - service portal to handle the number of permits and allowed vehicles.
 Possibility to issue permits with a self - registering.
 Many different payment methods, like monthly pdf invoice, bank links, card or app payments.
 Automatic payment reminders in case you forgot to pay on time.



Altogether, the process is paperless and digital. You get higher efficiency, lower costs, less manual work, and quick actions. Many of your tasks can actually be delegated to customers in self-service. You achieve more with less time.



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